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The following blog has been written purely for those wanting a first hand knowledge of what it is like to step into the dojo for the first time as a complete beginner as a Martial Artist. Through practising a Martial Art, you will gain many things such as self-confidence, self-respect and life-long and good friends. I hope this helps you to see into an amazing world of which you have never seen before and that I have had the privilege of belonging to and knowing.
Although I have not put my name or any name to this blog, it does deserve a dedication- a dedication to those who help people to train, who teach, reassure and most important of all- those who never give up, no matter how many times they hit the ground or a mental brick wall, with themselves or others. But above all- those who are ready to begin their own journey, it begins with one step….

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Chapter 37: Arrgh! A three week break and am about ready to start climbing the walls...

I recently logged on to my blog and realised that I've not posted for a little while. I usually try to only post when something happens or something strikes me to talk about Aikido.
What is really driving me mad at the moment is that fact that I'm off dancing for two weeks and Aikido for three weeks following a minor op. How did I manage fit these activities in around study and work? Like I say, I feel as though I very slowly going mad. What makes it worse is that the club is having a short break at the moment. At the time I thought this was great, you know, have the three weeks off and no catching up to do but now I'm not too sure-at least if there were classes I could go watch.
Oh well, at least I have my dance class to look forward to this week, having had the two week break but I miss the Dojo. Really miss it and I have one more week to wait! Sigh...I wonder if any other people feel as though they're going mad when they can't get out to train?
The thing that worries me the most is why do I miss it? I mean, surely I would welcome a break from bruises and pain for a little while? Nope, obviously not-and its kinda sad, I know. The one consolation I have is that I only have to wait one more week, one more to start training again. One more week!

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Alex. said...

Ouch, one more week to go! :( I "feel" you on this one. I also had a 2 weeks break during (and after) Easter, and when I got back... it was like OMG what am I gonna do? I was so out of shape... it felt I was starting training for the very first time.

I'm glad you posted this because the thought struck me at occasions. I started training in Aikido in December (2007) and now, almost two weeks have passed since I passed my 5th kyu test. I only thought it was somewhat 'reasonable' to feel out of shape as a beginner, but knowing you're a 3rd kyu and you still find it difficult to pause training makes me think :)

Anyway, I wouldn't miss a class for anything (and believe me, I've had lots of 'occasions' to skip trainings, but I refused to take them). I have 3 regular classes per week and sometimes a 4th one - weapons practice outdoors.

You've got a very nice blog here, the feedback you provide on your progress and doubts is very good for a starter like me.

If you're in the mood, check out - I just started it a few days ago.