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The following blog has been written purely for those wanting a first hand knowledge of what it is like to step into the dojo for the first time as a complete beginner as a Martial Artist. Through practising a Martial Art, you will gain many things such as self-confidence, self-respect and life-long and good friends. I hope this helps you to see into an amazing world of which you have never seen before and that I have had the privilege of belonging to and knowing.
Although I have not put my name or any name to this blog, it does deserve a dedication- a dedication to those who help people to train, who teach, reassure and most important of all- those who never give up, no matter how many times they hit the ground or a mental brick wall, with themselves or others. But above all- those who are ready to begin their own journey, it begins with one step….

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Chapter 49: Why oh why is it you pick up injuries when you have an important event coming up?

The most recent development in my Aikido training is learning when to quit. I say this as I currently have two injuries- both large toes in fact. What is even more annoying is that only one of these inuries is Aikido related.

The first injury occured about three weeks ago on my left large toe. Those of you who read this blog will know that I'm an Irish dancer and so a toe injury is NOT good. I could barley walk after dancing one evening so I decide to pay a visit to my GP as I was afraid it may be a bunion forming- Irish dancers are prone to them. Happily it turned out it was only a sprain. Ok thinks I, I will just be very very careful and not do any jumps or kicks for a week or two. Ha! Well, its taking longer to heal then what I anticipated. As we have a large show coming up it means it only has about five weeks to heal.

The second injury is Aikido related I have to say. I spilt my right large toe nail down the middle of the nail bed at the last session. So in the end, I went to a Chiropodist to make sure that the nail bed was trimmed down correctly and stop infection. Now, I don't like people looking at my feet- they're all callused and rough from my dancing, we dancers are not too kind to our feet. The first thing she remarked on when she saw the state of my feet was to ask me if I couldn't be a couch potato instead? Um, no was the answer to that question I'm afraid. Anyway, the nail trimmed back ok and should grow back about Christmas time.

I say I've learned how to quit because I have to have one toe taped up to stop the nail splitting further and figured a way of strapping part of my foot up to support the toe without hindering any movement. Therefore I find that I have to be patient with myself and allow time for these two injuries to heal. So basically this means still training and dancing but training and dancing carefully. Fatio!

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